Pat macdonald Artist

Pat macdonald Artist

Pat macdonald ArtistPat macdonald Artist



The challenge of capturing a landscape in mid flight during a moment that can only be found once is magical and an echo of reality. Finding tone and reflection, finding peace and quiet, finding when to add and when to fade away.

Showing all the details but softening the edges, blurring some of the static and defusing some of the noise.  Memories of these places and the gardens I have seen, feeling the path that leads me to my next composition.

Coloring the shapes that get pieced together and forming an abstract atmosphere. Noticing its beauty and bringing it to life.

My Thoughts

"Soft colors, soft edges, soft light, with layers of information. Simple surroundings can become an oasis. Showing movement with atmospheric perspective  and the distance in between. 

As a pastel and oil painter I am looking to express the subtle colors in the landscape before they quietly and quickly change.  To capture the sky or meadow before the air around them moves on and passes through."

My Inspiration

"The flowers are willing to show off their beauty and the clouds are willing to show their power, that inspires me. When I choose a landscape I am looking for peace and solitude, something that should be noted and felt, a connection. Then there is the essence of a new story."